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Cultural Events

11th Greek Rib-fans Annual Meeting

  • From the 16th - 22nd of June 1026, Alonissos will host the 11th Greek Rib-fans Annual Meeting.
    The event is co-hosted by the Macedonian Association of Rib boats and the Municipality of Alonissos under the auspice of the Panhellenic Rib boat Association. Hundreds of boats with their captains and crew will visit Alonissos and are expected to create a stunning celebration

2nd Traditional Dance Festival of Alonissos

  • The cultural Association of Alonissos and OPAKDA of the Municipality of Alonissos invite you to the 2nd Traditional Dance Festival of Alonissos wchich will be held on the 8-11 of July 2016. The Traditional Dance Festival of Alonissos brngs together dance groups from all over Greece, showcasing their culture and folk art.
  • You can see pictures of past festivals here


  • In Mid-July we hold a re-creation of the traditional thrashing of wheat. Take a trip to the past with flavors as your guide.

Fish-mongers night

  • End of July we hold the fishmongers night. A local celebration of the bounty of the sea. Locally caught fish are grilled on charcoal fires and plenty of wine. An unforgettable night of flavours and local hospitality.

Cheese pie night

  • Held in July (specific date will be updated). Alonissos has a long history of making mouth watering pies. Always freshly made with locally sourced materials, they are a true culinary treasure. Local women demonstrate the art of hand made pastry and prepare cheese pies for everyone attending. Enjoy a piece with local wine while local dance groups entertain.