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Local Festivals - Photo 1

Local Festivals

May 21st: this is the day when St. Constantine and St. Eleni are celebrated. Following the morning service in the picturesque St. Constantine chapel at Psili Rachi, locals treat people gathered to a local goat and pasta dish accompanied by a local dessert made of milk and rice.

July 25th: this is the day when St. Paraskevi is celebrated as the patron saint of the island. Locals and visitors in Patitiri village lead together the icon of St. Paraskevi to a pious procession throughout the village in the evening.

August 15th: this is the day to celebrate a traditional wedding revival. In Alonissos, natural surroundings blend perfectly with people’s feelings and everyday life. Traditional wedding ceremonies revive as a typical expression of Greek tradition, reminding of old rituals. The wedding ritual begins with the best man visiting the groom’s house accompanied by traditional musicians. The groom’s family treats them all to jam, wine, "tsipouro" and other delicacies... They all then go to the bride’s house. According to traditional customs, the door of the bride’s house shall not open until the groom promises a gift to his future mother-in-law! With a promise made to the mother-in-law, families and friends join the wedding procession to the church. The bride wears a traditional dress called "morka". Following the wedding ceremony, guests are treated to a traditional goat and pasta dish. The wedding party carries on until early morning hours…

April 23rd: this is the day when St. George is celebrated. Locals attend morning mass in the chapel and then celebrate having wine and barbequing.