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Beaches in Alonissos

According to a famous travel show host, daily visits to different beaches never end in Alonissos, even if one stays here for two months time...

Clear blue waters, organized or non-organized beaches and beautiful places to explore, relax or... take summer photos. Agios Demetrius, Kokkinokastro, Leftos Yalos, Megalos Mourtias, Milia and Chrissi Milia are some of Alonissos' most typical organized beaches.

Along the south-eastern coast of the island, there is a variety of beaches for all tastes! If you are looking for sceneries of golden sandy and colourful pebbly beaches or rigid yellowish rocks and reddish cliffs, this is the best place for you. Most of the beaches here are hidden or well-protected in bays and surrounded by pine or olive trees.

The north-western coast of the island is rocky and often inaccessible by land because of craggy terrain and steep rocks sinking sharply under the sea. The various small beaches in the northern part of the coast are only accessible by boat. For beaches accessible on foot or by car, visit the southern part of the coast. Nice small beaches are also found along the gulf of Megali Ammos.

For a short description of the most famous local beaches, please see below:

    Agios Demetrius

    Alonissos Beach

    Agios Demetrius beach needs no introduction... Describing it as the most beautiful beach on the island is not quite enough. The clear blue waters and pure white sand lend an exotic touch to the beach!


    Alonissos Beach

    Glifa beach is a great place to relax, look for shells and pebbles or try water-sports!

    Leftos Yalos

    Alonissos Beach

    This beach looks just like a... postcard! Enjoy the magnificent view to the two neighbouring uninhabited islands called Dio Aderfia (Brother Islands). Leftos Yalos beach is surrounded by greyish rocks and covered with white pebbles or fine grits. The most popular beach on the island for young people looking for fun and... tasty cocktails!

    Georgie Yalos

    Alonissos Beach

    The gulf of Georgie Yalos beach offers an idyllic view of incomparable beauty. Exceptional colours add special shades to the colourful scenery of the island.


    Alonissos Beach

    This beach is tinged with so many different shades of amazing colours...! Kokkinokastro beach is one of the most impressive beaches on the island, not to mention the deep blue sea, the steep cliffs, the yellowish sand, the colourful pebbles and the surrounding pine trees. When approaching the beach from above, don't miss the view to the huge reddish cliff entering the sea and forming a small cape. The very name of Kokkinokastro (Red Castle) indicates what archaeological excavations have already shown, that is remnants of an ancient village.

    Chrissi Milia

    Alonissos Beach

    Chrissi Milia (Golden apple tree) is a golden beach! One of the most popular beaches on the island; fine pebbles, water-sports and other activities to enjoy (e.g. diving tours)!


    Alonissos Beach

    The green-blue colour of the water is so tempting that you can't resist having a look to the underwater sea world. Milia beach is located in a small gulf, surrounded by a thick pine forest. Walking your way through the forest, you can't miss the sight of the blue sea water sparkling through the pine trees.


    Alonissos Beach

    Spartines beach is beautifully isolated and thus appealing to a well-devoted target group. If you love nature and nudism, this is the perfect place for you!


    Alonissos Beach

    Votsi beach is a small picturesque port where you can find many local taverns with a touch of romance.

    Roussoum Yalos

    Alonissos Beach

    Not far from Patitiri village, Roussoum Yalos is a magnificent pebbly beach with various local taverns for all culinary tastes.

    Megalos Mourtias

    Alonissos Beach

    Right next to Patitiri village, there are two pleasant surprises waiting for you... Mikros Mourtias & Megalos Mourtias beaches, in the southern part of the island, are pebbly with crystal-clear waters and great restaurants!

    Mikros Mourtias

    Alonissos Beach

    The small ... "Little brother" of the Great Mourtia. The beach is next to the Grand Mourtias with crystal clear waters and offers peace and tranquility to the visitor.


    Alonissos Beach

    Vithisma is a sandy beach protected by a secret bay, inviting you to explore one of the most beautiful mysteries of the island...

    Yalia & Vrisitsa

    Alonissos Beach

    Yalia & Vrisitsa beaches lie in the northern part of the island. Their magnetizing beauty welcomes all visitors exploring the Old Village of Alonissos.


    Alonissos Beach

    This is a beach that will take you back in time... As if it were a time-gate peeping out from the sea, this little bay is studded with small fragments or shells of ancient vessels and other remnants of old times.

    Megali Ammos

    Water is so crystal-clear you might mistake it for a paradise untouched by man. Your trip here never ends! You are always welcome to discover, by boat or craft, new and unexplored beaches in Alonissos as well as its ten neighbouring isles.