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Sightseeing in Alonissos

The local picturesque villages fascinate all visitors. Traditional architecture blends beautifully with natural surroundings and local hospitality.

Short description of sightseeing spots that you should not miss:

    Old Village

    Alonissos Beach

    The Old Village of Alonissos is a tangle of narrow streets and steep stairs; local stone-built houses are surrounded by climbing vines and flower gardens. Located in a privileged part of the island, the view from the Old Village is amazing. Visitors can enjoy the view over a large part of the landscape, as well as the sea surrounding the island from both sides. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the view from local taverns and cafés that are open all day long in summertime. The Old Village (Chora) used to be the capital of the island; nowadays, it's a place with remarkable architectural monuments, such as the medieval castle overlooking the Aegean Sea.


    Alonissos Beach

    Patitiri village is the picturesque central port and the capital of the island. "Patitiri" in Greek means "wine-press" and therefore, the name of this area dates back to the time when viniculture was the main source of income for local population. In the port of Patitiri, there are several cafés and local taverns to choose from and enjoy the ambience of the port, watching the fishing boats and yachts lying at anchor. Walking to the end of the port, there is a small beach with crystal blue waters surrounded by yellowish rough cliffs and pine trees. By nightfall, all these cliffs are beautifully illuminated. Looking towards the end of the bay, you can also see two neighbouring islands called Dio Aderfia (Two Brothers).

    Roussoum Yalos

    Alonissos Beach

    The small village of Roussoum Yalos lies in a bay adjacent to Patitiri, no more than a 10-minute walk from the port. In Roussoum Yalos, there is also a wide pebbly beach with crystal clear waters. The beach is surrounded by piny steep cliffs that are gradually smoothed out to create amazing natural scenery.


    Alonissos Beach

    This beautiful fishing village is a tangle of narrow streets, paths and lovely alleys. Its natural port is surrounded by rough yellowish cliffs. Small fishing boats are either tied to the dock or lie at anchor within the bay.

    Steni Vala

    Alonissos Beach

    Steni Vala is a fishing village in the south-eastern part of the island, about 10km from Patitiri. The road leading to the village goes through thick pine forests and olive groves with stunning view over the creeks of the south-eastern coast. Enjoy the panoramic view over the sea and the neighbouring uninhabited islands walking your way down to the beach.


    Alonissos Beach

    Kalamakia is the last built-up area found along the coast, 12km northeast of Patitiri village. Here, there are no more than a few houses in between the seashore and the steep wooded hillside. Just a small port and a few houses overlooking the eastern part of the island... The port is part of the pier and the breakwater constructed to protect the village in harsh weather conditions.

Special thanks to Bente Keller and Elias Tsoukanas, authors of "The Alonissos Guide" for their valuable contribution.