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Diving Tourism

The sea world has so many new experiences to offer! The largest natural marine park of the Mediterranean Sea is found in Alonissos. Its impressive wildlife and amazing landscape give the feeling of intact natural surroundings. It’s no coincidence that Alonissos is the natural habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) and other rare wildlife species forming the precious ecosystem of Northern Sporades.

Incomparable natural beauty meets ocean myths and legends. Marine archaeology has verified the existence of old shipwrecks of historical interest dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries or the Byzantine period. Since 2011, there are 14 spots in the marine park where diving is allowed, according to the Greek Official Gazette No. 1741/3.8.2011 - "Approval of re-delimitation of the marine archaeological site of Northern Sporades & Alonissos". 

Furthermore, in compliance with the resolution adopted by the sixth meeting (28/7/2011) of the Board of Directors representing the Management Body of the National Marine Park of Alonissos and Northern Sporades, underwater fishing is ONLY allowed, for administrative purposes, in the areas specified in the Greek Official Gazette No. 1741/3.8.2011 and described as follows:

  • Area No. 1: The coastline to the north of Steni Vala (Alonissos Island), from the cape of Apithmenos to the area located to the north of the beach of Agios Demetrius (Alonissos Island).
  • Area No. 4: The bay of Spartina (Alonissos Island).
  • Area No. 11: The bay of Klima (Peristera Island).
  • Area No. 13: The coastline to the east of the island of Megalos Aderfos.

Experienced and properly trained professionals provide all support and services necessary for a magnificent scuba-diving experience.

Photos were generously granted by Ikiondiving and photographer Laura Meletopoulou.