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Religious Tourism

If you feel like exploring the landscape of Alonissos, its chapels and ravines, or visiting the best view spots on the island, please read the following overview of several places that are really worth visiting and choose those most appealing to you.

Most chapels are found in locations with amazing views; after all, there are countless spots wherefrom you can enjoy lovely views all over the island. If you like heights and think about spicing up your stay, set off on a mountain trip as lovely scenery and ease of approach make up a very fine outing.

Chapels of the Holy Unmercenaries

Two chapels dedicated to the Holy Unmercenaries (Agioi Anargyroi) are built on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and the north-western coast, just 4km from Patitiri village. The central road comes to an end 500m before arriving to the chapels; take this opportunity to walk your way to the chapel through a lovely pine forest from there.

Chapel of St. Constantine

The chapel of St. Constantine (Agios Konstantinos) is found by a beautiful ravine of the north-western coast, about 12km from Patitiri village. Bushes, shrubs and Holm oak forests are common here. With view over Skopelos Island, this is also an area chosen by shepherds to graze their cattle.

Chapel of St. George

The chapel of St. George (Agios Georgios) stands about 350m above sea level, at 10.5km distance from Patitiri village. The road to the chapel is paved with asphalt, and there is also a wide parking area. Enjoy the view over the south-eastern coast and the neighbouring islands. Clear your mind and enjoy the moment scanning the horizon...

Monastery of Kira-Panagia

The largest uninhabited island of Northern Sporades is called Kira-Panagia (or Pelagonisi). In the south-eastern part of this island, there is a monastery dedicated to the Birth of Virgin Mary. Built in the 16th century and therefore typical of the meta-Byzantine period, the Monastery of Kira-Panagia is a dependency of the Monastery of the Great Lavra on Mount Athos. In the past, however, it used to be one of the most important autonomous local monasteries. Nowadays, visitors walking through the remains of the old monastery can see the old oil-press and windmill as reminders of its former glory.

The island of Kira-Panagia is accessed only by boat. There are two natural ports in the northern and southern part of the island, called Planitis and Agios Petros respectively.