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Address: Old village

Tel: 6975-662998
Alternative Tel: 6979-916379
Fax: 24240-65488
ΜΗΤΕ: 0726Κ123Κ0270601


‘Memories of the Dream’


Built in 2,007, PENSION ANATOLI comprises 5 fully-equipped studio flats, designed in a comfortable modern style and arranged to offer you the relaxation you expect from your holidays.

It is situated centrally in the Old Village, with views of the ‘Balcony of the Aegean’, allowing one’s gaze to lose itself among the sea breezes and the beautiful little alleyways between the traditional houses. Picturesque impressions of ‘Memory Lane’, where tradition meets the eternal breath of nature, coloured by the deep blue of the ocean.

Each studio has its own individual décor, enhanced by peaceful minimalist paintings.

All have their own integral kitchen and bathroom, carefully created with modern equipment.

The traveller can feel the ‘Philoxenia’ we offer and enjoy the days of her holiday in comfort.

The Old Village’s little shopping centre is nearby, and the beautiful cobbled streets will lead your footsteps among the intricate  structures of a forgotten time that breathes a rich store of poetry.

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‘And dreams, however tiny the place they are dreamt, so much the greater their value. That is exactly where they can overcome mundane reality.

Alonnisos. Luxury and fulfilment.

Unique friendliness!! Source of rarity.’



Old Village, Alonnisos.

Tel. 6975662998 — 6979916379
Fax 2424065488